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Newsletter – June 2014 -- Gospel Music Barn and Chapel

Gospel Music Barn Family:

We have already been enjoying the programs this year and we have much more stored up for you. This Saturday is Jamboree Day and that is always a highlight for everyone. It is a day that everything we do is to raise money for the Gospel Music Barn & Chapel. The ladies bake and bring their 'homemade pies' that are oh,so,good! We will also have CD's from several different people that will be for sale along with books, videos, and ???. Knowing that it helps support the GMB, don't be afraid to pay/give a little extra.

July also has special things happening. July 4th, Friday night, we have 'BIG BAND OF PRAISE!', directed by Jonathan DeCou. On Saturday night we will have a special 'Youth and Family Night' with 'Master's Promise' which is a Ladies 'Teen' Trio from the SE side of the state. They are very good, followed by our own Martha Vugteveen. The next weekend will be our 5th Annual Bluegrass Festival and Pig Roast. The Gideons will be at our Sunday morning worship service on July 20. We will have a special container for you to donate to the Gideon Ministry which will go to them that day.

Our biggest weekend comes in August on the 8th - 9th - & 10th with the 3rd Annual 'Gospel Quartet Jubilee' and Pig Roast. We will have quartets on Friday, Saturday and on Sunday afternoon for your enjoyment. These are just 'Highlights' so stay tuned to your schedules for ALL of the GREAT happenings each and every week.

Enjoy the WHOLE summer schedule!
Doug Zwyghuizen,


Dear Friends;

I have been asked to do a summary of what is going on in the kitchen. I feel we have had a very good start this year, at least compared to last year. Last season the Ottawa County Health department made several changes in how kitchens like ours are licensed. We made it through the many details and additional costs, and will now have to spend less time and money to maintain. That is good news!

Food cost increased significantly last year and have continued to increase again this year. The prices of the menu increased this year, but I have been doing some recalculating and will bring a couple of them down. It is my goal to provide good quality food for low prices, but still profit enough to cover expenses and upkeep of the kitchen itself. If you have suggestions concerning the kitchen and/or food, feel welcome to share them with me.

We would like some occasional help/volunteers concerning the food areas.
• Washing tables on Friday afternoon/evening before 5pm
• Cashier to work two weekends a month. Carol Berens would like to be available for family events
• Washing dishes on big event days
• Serving and cashier on big event days
• Homemade pie servers on big event days
Enjoy the

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