The Gospel Music Barn 2014

Greetings in the name of our Wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! He has brought us through a beautiful but long and snow’y winter. We are now able to enjoy what the Lord has in store for us this spring and summer into fall. We have some ‘Fantastic’ music lined up for you. We also have changed the ‘start time’ on Saturdays to 5:30 PM. Our ‘Special’ week-ends: Jamboree, 5th Annual Bluegrass Festival, and our 3rd Annual Quartet Jubilee, are on the 2nd week-end of June, July, and August, respectively.

The 4th of July is on a Friday this year and we have a ‘Special’  program planned with “BIG BAND OF PRAISE”  directed by Jonathan DeCou.  There will still be plenty of time to go see your favorite ‘Fireworks’.  Saturday night will also be ‘Special’ with a new to this area ‘Teen’ Ladies Trio from Trenton, Michigan. That night will be billed as a ‘Youth Night’ and ‘Family Night’. In the southeast area of Michigan, these ladies have sung with such groups as ‘The Hoopers’, ‘Brian Free and Assurance’, ‘Three Bridges’, plus others. After the Trio that night, we will have our own Martha Vugteveen. What a fantastic way to spend the holiday weekend. There is much, much more…but you will just have to come and enjoy each week with us.

For people who desire to go to a church that sings the hymns and preaches the ‘Word’ with a bit of good special music… we have made our morning and evening church services ‘better’ in that respect. You will enjoy the old fashioned, basic church services at the Gospel Music Barn at Chapel in the Pines this year.

One last thing I want to mention… we will not be seeing several groups this year because it costs too much to travel. Groups started dropping off two years ago because of this. Now it has really hit us. We are losing some great groups and music. We saw a small increase in offerings last year, but not enough to cover our expenses of advertising and covering the cost of bringing in these groups. We have two options to keep it going. One possibility is to give much, much more or charge a $5.00 cover charge each night to get in and don’t take an offering.  Another approach would be to cut back on all that we do with no advertising and only host local groups.

There have been at least six groups we lost just this season and possibly more for next year. I know times are getting tougher with prices going up with everything we need to buy to survive. I would like you to PRAY much about how we want this ministry to continue on.

We were hoping to be able to pay one or two people wages this year.  Some people think that I get paid for doing all that I do, but I do NOT get paid for doing this. I love what I do, and I put a lot of time and cost into keeping this program going. I am NOT complaining but I do struggle to keep my own bills paid.

Please PRAY and please talk to me. If you don’t understand anything or have questions, PLEASE let me know. I need to hear what you have to say about this. We do this for you, so let me know your thoughts. Thank you!

Looking for a GREAT season this year!

Douglas Zwyghuizen, Director
President, and CEO

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Doug Zwyghuizen/Gospel Music Barn
2829 New Holland Street
Hudsonville, MI 49426

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Gospel Music Barn at Chapel in the Pines
6881 64th Avenue
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